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abreva for cold sores

How Quickly Does A Cold Sore HSV-1 Appear After Contracting The Virus? - Tips For Treating Coldsores

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Abreva have SPF protection in it?
    I'm getting ready to go on a cruise in a couple weeks. My wife and I have been tanning to try and make us look a little more presentable by the pool. Fate would have it that I was 'blessed' with a nasty cold sore this week. This is my second cold sore ever, last time I tried the Abreva route and from what I could tell it seemed to work. So I've been trying it again. I was told that the sun is not good for cold sores and can make them worse! I don't want to be sitting in a tanning bed a foot from a UV bulb with this thing on my face! I was hoping Abreva had some kind of sunblock in it but I can't find it in any of the ingredients. I am not sure if I should be putting sun block on my lip as well? Didn't know if that would aggravate the sore? Has anyone had any experience with this?

    • ANSWER:
      Abreva does not have sunscreen in it. The tanning bed is most likely what triggered your cold sore, they are activated by over exposure to sun and the ultraviolet lights in tanning beds. I get them from the sun and have had MUCH success by just putting a high SPF sunblock stick around my lips before exposure. Knock on wood, I haven't had one since. If I were you, I'd apply it well around your lips prior to sunbed exposure and natural sun exposure. Also keep sunscreen on the rest of your body too.

    What lip gloss is fine to use for someone who's cold sore prone?
    I want to get back into wearing lipgloss. I've had the cold sores ever since I was really young. I used to wear lipgloss and just sometimes I'd break out in cold sores so I've stopped using any makeup on my lips for a few years now... I rarely ever get cold sores anymore and when I do it's a huge break out where my mouth looks swollen or none at all, or if I catch it in time I'd use Abreva. Long story short, I'm just afraid that if I try lip gloss once, I may react badly. Does anyone know what ingredients in lipgloss/lipstick that trigger the mouth sores and if there is any drugstore lipsticks that might be fine to use? Again, I rarely get them anymore and I don't know if I'd have a bad reaction or not. :(

    • ANSWER:
      The best thing I've found to clear cold sores right up, is The Canker Spanker, you can find it online. Then you can use whatever lip gloss you want.

    best medicine for cold sore??!!?
    Hi, tomorrow is New Years and guess what?! I have an ugly cold sore on my upper lip. It started this morning and I've been applying abreva. It usually works but not this time.
    I was looking for some information and I found people that say that the best medicines are CAMPO PHENIQUE, CURECHROME, BACTINE and NOVITRA.
    The first three ones have BENZALKONIUM CL 0.13% as an active ingredient and NOVITRA has other ingredient as an active ingredient.
    Help!! please tell what's the best.

    Thanks and Happy New Years!!!
    Thanks everyone!! I bought the walgreens version of viroxyn, but I think it was a bit late cause when I woke up yesterday when 3 tiny little blisters, abuuu!!! it happened while I was sleeping. It's so annoying, today is the end of the year and this happens to me.

    Anyway thanks again and good luck next year!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You could try any of those applications for a quick resolution, but unfortunately, it's impossible to say which one would work best (or fastest) for you in particular because different people respond differently to different products. Whether you try the Abreva, Carmex, or anything else you listed, they can all treat cold sores in different ways.

      With that being said, there are ways to prevent the cold sores if you get them on a regular basis. You could take L-Lysine (an Amino Acid) on a regular basis to help prevent the cold sores from happening in the first place... it can help to get rid of it sooner if you took it with any of those drugs that normally work, plus you can take it safely after you can't see the sore anymore to make sure it's gone. Oh, and stress tends to aggravate cold sores, so reducing stress may help as well. Good luck and I hope I helped!