Cold Sores How To Get Rid Of The Redness

Help! I have a cold sore and need to get rid of it FAST!?

Get Rid of Cold Sores

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    How to get rid of cold sores?
    I have cold sores on my lower lip and under my lip. This is the 2nd day. Is there a remedy to get rid of the redness, sweeling and the liquid bumps. Need to get rid or lessen them fast as I have a wedding tomorrow-help!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Here's one I just answered a few days ago about cold sores:;_ylt=AkbTEBluoCVlxsToGTSZQaLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090605205322AAb2FwN&show=7#profile-info-BDVIV1pLaa

      But if you don't feel like reading it then I'll put some here:

      ~>Apply ice for 5-10 minutes each hour at the start of cold sores. It helps in avoiding the further development of cold sores.

      ~>Press a warm tea bag on cold sores for around 30 minutes every day. You can find no cold sores within just five days.

      ~>Avoid acidic or salty foods.

      ~>Avoid chocolate, grains, peas, peanuts and other nuts, seeds and whole-wheat products. These foods are high in arginine, which is bad for cold sores.

      ~>Rub aloe juice or gel on cold sores.

      ~>Apply a cornstarch paste.

      ~>Press or rub an ice cube on cold sore few times for every 10 minutes for an hour. You can prevent the spread of the virus and also lessen the size of the cold sore with this technique.

      ~>Moisten your index finger. Press your finger on powdered common salt. Then press it onto the cold sores for 30 seconds. Doing it twice a day for three days treats cold sores.

      ~>Take 4 acidophilus capsules 3-4 times a day with milk.

      ~>Lemon balm extract easily heals cold sores.

      ~>Apply spirit of camphor on the cold sores.

    How to get rid of redness on my lips from cold sores?!?
    Okay, so 3 weeks ago I got a cold sore, and the whole thing disappeared about 3 days ago (so the sore lasted for a little over 2 weeks) Yesterday, I discovered another nasty little cold sore on my upper lip, the other was on my lower lip. I take Acyclovir and I'm prescribed 2 pills three times a day for 5 days. I took the dosage starting yesterday when I felt the bump. Last night, my mom told me to put gold Dial soap on it and let it dry overnight; she said it would dry the sore and it pretty much did. Now there's just a small bump with some greenish liquid in it and with some redness. I started using Abreva yesterday as well and applied it like every 15 minutes. I've been icing it and trying to get it gone by toinght because I have a party and I know there's gonna be TONS of picture-taking! So how can I get rid of all the redness by tonight? It's 11:39 a.m. right now so I have a few hours. Thanks and sorry for length!(:

    • ANSWER:
      There is a new pill out that I've been taking for cold sores, it's called The Canker Spanker and it works like nothing I've ever used. It gets rid of sores you currently have and it prevents new ones from forming. You may really want to check them out online.

    How to get rid of redness from a cold sore/lip pimple?
    its red and a little swollen. How do I get the swelling down and make the redness go away fast?

    • ANSWER:
      neosporin, hands down.
      oh and don't pick at it or touch it, just wash your face and apply neosporin whenever you can.